Meet Tariq Collins


Tariq Collins Sr. AKA (Dr. Black Wealth) is originally from Bronx, New York. He was raised in New York, with most of his life in Atlanta, GA. Tariq joined the United States Army after graduating from Stockbridge High School. He spent four years in the Army and Honorably Discharged in 2014 at Fort Carson. He has a beautiful family (wife and four kids). Tariq found his passion for finances and wanting to become a planner by attending a Networking class in Denver with Regis University. He met a recruiter of Northwestern Mutual and learned all he can about the business. He joined as an intern in the summer of 2017 and became full time in 2018. He is now an Investor & Business Owner of Seven Family-owned companies. Tariq is a Financial and Tax Strategist that guides people in becoming financially secure with the proper education. His passion of Finance came from his struggle and upbringing in communities he was raised in, plus the lack of knowledge received while serving in the Army. Tariq’s mission is to serve his community by educating them in the world of finance and business to uplift us out of our present condition and close the wealth gap in the African American Families throughout the world. Eagle Financial Group focuses on financing the elite through education. We focus more on financial planning as well as provide solutions unique to each individual, family, and business owner. We have services from planning, Credit Repair, Business Credit, Taxes, Bookkeeping to include payroll services, business structure and set up, consultation, and more.

My Team

Alyssa Lagrimas
Executive Assistant/Account Manager

An Island Girl born in the City but raised in an Island 15 minutes away from the City. After finishing a degree in Financial Management, Alyssa joined different organizations in the Accounting and Customer Support Field. She has helped in establishing and streamlining of processes to reduce cost and impoving operation productivity.

When she’s not looking into Processes. Alyssa is looking out for ways on reducing waste, either by recycling or by using sustainable crafts. During Weekends you can find her on the seashore enjoying the waves, the sun and the sea while joining different activities promoting environmental conservation by reducing carbon footprints.

She believes that the human as in charge of nature, whatever we do to nature-the nature gives us back – double.

Cheska Bautista
Accounting Specialist

Cheska Bautista was born in Pangasinan, Philippines in 1997. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Accounting Technology. She worked as an Accounting staff in a small corporation. She specializes bookkeeping to help small entities with their accounting data base. 

In her free time, she enjoys painting and taking care of her four dogs and two cats. She also helps her family’s Agricultural Supplies business on weekends. She believes that having faith in yourself and working hard will always lead to success.


Dorothy Cruz
Marketing Specialist/Customer Service

Dorothy Cruz was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She graduated with a degree in Tourism and Management at Far Eastern University. She started freelancing amidst the pandemic and now continuously growing and learning from her career virtually. 

She has a heart for dogs and loves to travel. She is cheerful, adventurous, and very fearless to explore and learn new things because for her, experience is the best teacher. 

Maria Mercado
Tax Preparer

Maria Alejandra Mercado Claros is a multifaceted business entrepreneur and financial planner. Born and raised to an esteemed family in Cochabamba Bolivia. During her high school years, her and her family later relocated to Miami Florida. Throughout this she excelled academically and achieved her bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with a minor in Biology from Florida International University where she graduated with honors and distinction. Growing up, Maria began to understand the importance of working hard. Her mother a businessperson  instilled the importance of financial freedom and was an inspiration for Maria’s business endeavors today. 

Rasheed Collins
Tax Preparer